The Governing Body of the College consists of the President, one Government nominee, three University nominees, three teacher representatives, two non-teaching staff representatives, one donor’s nominee, the General Secretary of the Students’ Union Council ( ex-officio) and the Principal as the ex-officio secretary. However, at present in lieu of the Governing Body (due to the non-availablity of Government representative) the College is being administered by an Administrator ( Dr. Laxmi Narayan Neogi, former Principal Kulti College, Asansol) with the help of a Steering Committee formed by the stipulation of Kazi Nazrul University. The steering committee consists of one University nominee (Dr. Swadesh Majumdar, Associate Professor of Commerce, Triveni Devi Bhalotia College), the Inspector of Colleges of the Affiliating University (IC, Dr. Jayanta Chakraborty), one senior member of teaching faculty from the College (Dr. Dulal Chandra Sen, Associate Professor in Electronics and IQAC Co-ordinator) and the Principal.