Best Practices

1. The college is taking special care to provide the students with necessary opportunities to develop and exhibit their creative talent by organizing annual exhibition, cultural competitions, and annual college social. They are also encouraged to utilize departmental wall magazine to nurture their writing and presentation skill. Beside these, Lectures by eminent visiting Professors / researchers are occasionally arranged to enable the students become knowledgeable as well as aware of different cutting edge researches.

2. Group Discussions, Demo-Classes, etc. are arranged for the students to enrich them with knowledge and presentation skills.

3. The college provides separate departmental staff rooms for each department rendering twofold benefits. i) This enhances scope of teacher-student interactions and individual mentoring enabling students to get Durgapur Women’s College greater support. ii) These departmental rooms have enabled the teachers to house departmental libraries (Seminar Library) to extend easy access for the students to the library books.

4. Admissions of students in the college are made online to make the process fully transparent.

5. Online collection of student fees is introduced.

6. Registration, Form fill up for Examination, Publication of Results are made online.

7. Organising orientation workshop for students at the beginning of every semester to make them understand all aspects of CBCS curriculum.

8. The college fees of the handicapped students are paid by the college through special arrangements