National Cadet Corps (NCC)


The college raises one unit of National Cadet Corps (NCC) cadets under the 5 Bengal Girls' Bn. Headquartered at Purta Bhawan, Burdwan. Healthy students who enjoy hard work and outdoor activities are encouraged to join, on application to the Battalion, through the College. Application forms are available at the college after due notification. Cadets can appear for N.C.C. ‘B’ Certificate & ‘C’ Certificate on successful completion of training. Candidates with ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificates obtain bonus marks / reservation in many govt. jobs.

 The NCC unit of the College had been functional since 1996 and after a period of discontinuation, the Unit was raised again in 2015. The NCC cadets have attended several state/regional/national level camps; have participated in the various activities organized by the camps, achieving awards and distinctions.

The Caretaker ANO of the College's NCC unit is Prof. Mitali Ghosh Moulick, PTT, Sanskrit.

The details of the Unit and its major achievements in the last years are given below--


Directorate             :        West Bengal & Sikkim

Group                     :        Bardhaman

Unit                        :        5 Bengal Girls Bn NCC

Company                :        Durgapur Women’s College

2 platoon (DWC)

Cadet Strength       :        110 (1st year + 2nd year+3rd year)

Company A No. – 1

Name of the ANO  :         (Associate NCC Officer) --Mitali Ghosh Moulick

Course Attended   :        PRCN for  ANO post

Course duration    :        10.08.2015 – 07.11.2015

Senior Cadet Name:        Debdurba Bhattacharjee

Opening Date of NCC:    18 April , 2013

Raising Date of NAAC:  16 May, 2014

Enrollment of 2013   - 42 cdts.

Enrollment of 2014  – 43 cdts.

Enrolment of 2015   – 36 cdts.

Enrollment of 2016 – 100 cdts


Activities of  NCC


Swach Bharat Abhijan – 2014

World Aids Day – 2015 – Rally

26th January –Republic Day Parade- 2015

International Day of Yoga – 2015

26th January – Republic Day Parade 2016

World Forest Day – – 21st March ,2016 – Rally

International Day of Yoga – 2016

26th January – Republic Day Parade -2017

World Forest Day – 21st March, 2017

NCC Cdts attended National Seminar- 2016 ( Organized by the Dept. Pol.Sc, Durgapur Women’s College)