Provisional list of holidays & vacations : 2016-2017

Month Date Days Occasion No. of Holidays
July'16 06th Wednesday Id-ul-Fitr 01
August'16 15th Monday Independence Day 01
August'16 25th Thursday Janmasthami 01
September'16 18th Friday Biswakarma Puja 01
September'16 12th Monday Id-ud-Joha 01
September'16 30th Friday Mahalaya 01
October'16 2nd Sunday Gandhi's Birthday _
Oct'16-Nov'16 6th Oct-2nd Nov Thursday-Wednesday Autumn vacation 24(Excluding Sunday)
November'16 14th Monday Guru Nanak's Birthday 01
December'16 13th Tuesday Fateha-Doaz-Daham 01
December'16 25th Sunday Christmas Day _
January'17 1st Sunday New Year's Day _
January'17 23rd Monday Netaji's Birthday 01
January'17 26th Thursday Republic Day 01
February'17 1st & 2nd Wednesday,Thursday Saraswati Puja 02
February'17 24th Friday Shivaratri 01
March'17 12th,13th Sunday-Monday Doljatra 01
April'17 5th Wednesday College Foundation day 01
April'17 14th Friday Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Birthday Day/Good Friday 01
April'17 15th Saturday Bengali New Year 01
May'17 9th Tuesday Tagore's Birthday 01
May'17-June'17 10th May-4th June Summer Recess 23(Excluding Sundays)