Rules of Conduct

Students admitted to the college are individually and collectively the Ambassadors of the College. Hence it is their personal responsibility to uphold the good name of the college in their personal as well as public life. 

Students are expected to dress decently and avoid any show of ostentation on normal class days. They must abide by the general rules of decency and decorum within the college campus as well as outside. They must show due respect to teachers within the class-rooms, in the campus and outside. They are not to loiter at the bus stands or outside the college gates during or after college hours.

Bringing of cell phones, mobiles and other gadgetry to the college is strictly prohibited as it disturbs the academic atmosphere of the college. Ragging of junior girls or any other misdemeanor towards college mates will be severely dealt with. Strict action will be taken against those who violate these rules.

Students and guardians must specially note that ragging in education institutions, in any form, is prohibited by law and if anyone is found guilty of ragging she will be liable to be punished under the provisions of section 4.5 and 6 of the West Bengal Prohibition of Ragging in Education Institutions Act. XIII of 2000.



 All students must attend 75% of lectures delivered, failing which they may be debarred from appearing in College / University examinations. Short-fall in attendance may have an adverse effect on promotions too.

1st year students who enroll for the Honourse courses but do not join within two weeks from the date of commencement of 1st year classes will have their names struck off the rolls automatically and their places filled up by students admitted to the General courses of the college strictly according to merit, and as per direction of University. 

Letter from guardian required if a student is absent for 5 or more continuous class days.




The Examination System :

·         Screening Test for 1st year Honours students as per students diary. Those who will not qualify may continue in General Stream .

·         College level Examinations as per Student Diary and Notice Board.

·         Those who cannot appear for any valid reason must produce valid document at proper time.

·         Students not appearing in examinations will be barred from appearing in University Exams.

·         Students not attaining desired percentage in college level examinations will be barred from appearing in University Exams.

·         Class tests – A regular Feature

·         University Final Examination in Every Semester of Study.     




Library Rules:

1.       The Library will be kept open on all working days  from 8 A.M to 10 A.M for Morning section & 10:30 A.M to 2 P.M & 2:30 P.M to 4:30 P.M for day section.

2.       Issue and return of books etc. will take place as per above time table on all working days, Exact schedule for the different years will be put up on the Library Notice Board.

3.       Books will be issued in exchange of the Library cards.

4.       All books must be returned on or before the 7th day from the date of issue. Otherwise a late return fine of Rs.5/- shall be charged per week or part  thereof for the overdue period

5.       Students may use the reading room during working hours in exchange of the College Identity & Reading Room Cards. On no account will a student be allowed to take away any book or other material outside the reading room.

6.       Students should carefully check the condition of a book at the time of borrowing.

7.       Books must be replaced by the students, if lost or mutilated.

8.       On no account may a student’s mark or write comments or in any way disfigure any of the pages of the library books. Such conduct is to be strongly deprecated and When discovered will be summarily dealt with.

9.       Library books must be returned and clearance duly taken at the end of the 1st ,2nd, & 3rd years of study or at the time of taking T.C before final settlement of dues to the college.


10.   Library Cards will be renewed by the Librarian in the second and third year of study.




Fees Collection Rules:

1.       Defaulters may be barred from examinations unless they clear their fees upto date.

2.       Defaulters will have to pay their dues with a late fee of Rs.10/- for every defaulting month.

3.       If one so desires she can pay her tuition fees monthly on designated days as per notice on Notice Board.

4.       If one so desires advance fees can be paid for any number of months. Those who wish to pay their fees monthly may do so on prescribed dates.


5.       Fees once paid cannot be refunded under any circumstances. Students seeking transfer certificate or withdrawal of names from the rolls must pay fees up-to-date. Caution money deposited by a student may be refunded after deduction dues to the college, if any, to students who complete their course of study, only after the final declaration of University results on production of original fee receipt and mark sheet. Dues to be deducted include breakage/ loss charges and 10% per year as maintenance charge.